Given the importance of sharing biological discoveries, we are currently converting and uploading cryoEM & xray structures for sharing on social media.  Likewise, we are developing methods for the rapid optimization and sharing of complex dynamic protein simulation data.

Some of the data we have uploaded and shared can be found below or by clicking on the menu links.

Interactive Figure Legends

Using API scripts, it is possible to link the text of a figure to the viewer interactivity.   As shown below, click on the highlighted text moves the camera to the indicated region of the molecule.  You can also navigate to these regions using the left and right annotation arrows on the viewer.  Online scientific journals will being using this technology in the very near future!


Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank, and Richard Henderson honored for developing the technique, which enables unprecedented views of important biomolecules
2015-12-21 10_08_51-Create & Share Interactive 3D Learning Objects - Sketchfab For Science

3D Learning Objects

2015-12-21 10_19_24-EMD 2984 - Sketchfab For Science

Scientific Data into Sketchfab




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Interactive Figure Legends


API Scripts For Biological Structures

2015-12-21 11_03_33-New Surfacefor Figure1b by Sketchfab For Science - 3D model - Sketchfab

Annotated Figures

2015-12-21 11_14_01-Structure of the Native HIV-1 gp120 trimer by Sketchfab For Science - 3D model -

Annotated Structures

2015-12-21 11_19_49-ATP SYNTHASE INTERACTIVE ANIMATION - Sketchfab For Science

Interactive Animations

SF and Adobe

Sketchfab & Adobe Captivate


Molecular Viewers

2015-10-22 11_33_18-Sketchfab For Science - EMD 3133


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