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Sketchfab Viewer Configurator

(function (i, s, o, g, r, a, m) {
i = r;
i […]

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Sharing CNC Models 


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EMD 3108

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The structure of the mouse serotonin receptor 5-HT3 in lipid vesicles.
Kudryashev M, Castano-Diez D, Deluz C, Hassaine G, Grasso L, Graf-Meyer A, Vogel H, Stahlberg H


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3. EMD 2788

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EMD 2788
Ultra-stable gold substrates for electron cryomicroscopy
Russo CJ, Passmore LA

SCIENCE 346 1377 (2014) PMID: 25504723

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EMD 6470 Cross Section

Viral Structures
The Influence of Frame Alignment with Dose Compensation on the Quality of Single Particle Reconstructions
Spear JM, Noble AJ, Xie Q, Sousa DR, Chapman MS, Stagg SM

J.STRUCT.BIOL. (2015) PMID: 26391007

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Reducing Background Noise Version 2

Reducing Background of Near-Atomic Resolution Cryo-EM Structures with Fitted Maps  for import into Sketchfab
V.F, S.S

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Reducing Background Noise of Near-Atomic Resolution CryoEM Part II – Hide Dust

In addition to using Zone/Masking in UCSF Chimera, sometimes it is possible to use the built-in “Hide Dust” feature, before uploading to Sketchfab.


Coming soon!

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